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… in store, at your home or in your workplace


B2BWe offer remote and onsite IT support to all scales of small to medium enterprises. Services offered can include:

  • System Monitoring (Updates, drivers, antivirus etc)
  • Automated off site backup
  • Data recovery
  • Network support
  • 24 hour response

Support contracts to businesses in and around Sussex

1. BASIC PACKAGE includes remote support and over the phone access to our help desk. Plus:

  • Remote Support (during working hours)
  • System Monitoring (Updates, drivers, antivirus etc)
  • Response time: 1 working day

2. PREMIUM PACKAGE includes all the above. Plus:

  • Disaster recovery (daily automated backup and an image of each windows machine created)
  • Quicker response time. Response time: 4 hours

3. ULTIMATE PACKAGE includes all the above plus

  • Server Support
  • On Site Support included (4 hours Monthly)
  • Support to multiple devices (IOS (Iphones Ipads) Android, Routers, Cabling)
  • Out of hours calls (24hours)

We can tailor our support to your specific needs. Call us on 01273 820817